The Best Tourist Spots Of Thailand

Thailand is popularly known as the ‘Country of Smiles’, a country filled with smiling and welcoming natives. This has made it one of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia – but that is not the only reason for Thailand’s popularity. Indeed, the sheer amount of tourist and travel spots has also much to do with its popularity, with many citing the fact that a single trip is by no means enough to cover all of Thailand’s must-visit spots. Below are some of these: 

  • Pattaya beach – if you wish to decide on lodgings during your stay at Thailand, know that it depends on your itinerary. If you are planning to visit Thailand to explore the country, then by all means, stay at different hotels to enjoy the flavours and cultures of each city and district. On the other hand, if you are planning to relax, the Pattaya beachfront hotels are definitely an option for you. As one of the most popular tourist cities and beaches of Thailand, Pattaya is overflowing with water activities, but is also in close proximity to many other tourist spots, leaving you with plenty of things to do. 
  • The Floating Markets – floating markets are one of the special attractions of Thailand, with several found throughout the country. They are not ‘floating’ per se, but rather are wooden structures built on stilted wood; there are also some truly floating markets in the form of boats and the like, however. The best breakfast buffet in Pattaya and Bangkok can be found at these floating markets, so make sure to come early in the morning to enjoy them. Not to add, the increase in tourist traffic can easily congest the canals by the mid-morning hours, so it is best to be as early as possible. 
  • Bangkok’s Grand Palace – the Grand Palace of Bangkok will naturally be present in the itinerary of most tourists, but if you have not heard of it, make sure to include it. As the capital of the country, the Grand Palace boasts of some of the most beautiful and incredible buildings and statues of the country. Remember that as a Buddhist sanctuary, a strict dress code is enforced, so dress properly before arriving at the destination. 
  • Ayutthaya Historical Park – all history lovers should naturally make a stop at the Ayutthaya Historical Park, an archaeological trove of the unearthed edifices of the second historical capital of Thailand. Following the Burmese invasion that destroyed the capital, most of the buildings, shrines and statues were destroyed, with what was left being buried under vegetative growth over the years. Nowadays, the remains have been unearthed, and they can be freely admired in this historical park. Make sure to include enough time in your itinerary to admire the wonders of the historical park! 

Things To Know When Traveling Abroad

Spending a good vacation in another country is always a good way to relax, rest and refresh your mind. It will be a good way to take break from a monotonous lifestyle and you will also be able to have heaps of new and unique experiences. Different countries have different and unique cultures and exploring them is always fun and exciting. If you have a budget and time, taking a break from your work and taking the next flight to a different country will always be an excellent idea. However, there are so many things that you have to consider before going on a trip abroad. For example, you will be traveling in a foreign land and everything will be new and strange to you. If you are not well-equipped for everything, you will be facing risks instead of fun excitements. hostel near mbk bangkok

Before taking a trip to a new country, you should find reliable accommodations first. When we travel, we should choose countries with good tourism ratings and these countries will have adequate accommodations with all luxuries. Make sure to be more specific and find accommodations based on location. For example, if you are traveling to Thailand, searching for hostel Bangkok near BTS will help you to find heaps of excellent options. Once you have identified a couple of good options, make sure to do a ground work before spending money. 

Money is your next issue. Having a good, comfortable budget is always good but it will also make you go overboard with your expenses. Instead of having all your savings wasted on a trip, you can plan your budget properly and this will help you save some money too. Focus on basic and vital expenses such as accommodations, food, travel tickets etc. when you are planning your travel budget. Once you have planned them properly, you can focus on other expenses. 

If you are on a budget or if you don’t want to spend too much on your trip, traveling light can help you save a good sum of money. For example, you can settle for a decent Phuket backpacker hostel instead of looking for luxury hotels in Thailand. Because honestly, accommodation will need a good amount from your budget and cutting that corner will save you a good amount of money. Check out more here 

Make sure to do your research before you start making plans. Finding everything you need is quite simple with the aid of internet. You will make better and wiser decisions most of the time when you have a proper research to back up your decisions. 

Popular Diving Curricula And Why You Should Follow Them

The moment you go underwater, the world becomes more silent. This beauty has its dangerous ends too. That’s why knowing your way underwater is important. In order to gather the necessary knowledge, there are properly assembled educational programs and they have the capabilities to make you a skilled diver. open water course Koh Tao

Here are few diving training programs and why you should take them. 

Scuba diving training 

This is a type of underwater diving where the diver uses a self-contained compressed air supply that is independent of the water surface. Sometimes the diver is provided with additional cannister in the need of an emergency. By successfully completing a scuba diving course Koh Tao at a reliable training institute you will be able to have the theoretical knowledge and the necessary practical experience to take care of the equipment and be safer underwater. It helps you to experience activities like cave diving, wreck diving in the best way too. Hence, no matter whether your intentions were leisure, academic, or even professional, this is one of the best to go for. 

Open water training 

Being more or less the stepping stone of true diving, an open water course Koh Tao in diving can ensure that you’re fit for the sea. You simply can commence your diving sessions in confined water that is in specially designed pools. After that, you can get into the open waters in the ocean and have an authentic diving experience. In fact, this the best way to be a professional diver in such a short period of time. This could be incredibly helpful if you’re on a vacation and suddenly want to have a diving experience. This structure and the content of the course can be suppressed into a minimum of 2 days which will allows you to use the rest of the days for ocean exploration. 

Underwater photography training 

Photos are the proofs and physical forms of the amazing memories that we make. When you dive underwater, you will feel the need of having this skill more than ever. This amazing one-day course teaches you PADI SEA (shoot, examine and adjust) methods that will be the basis of the U/W photography. Color composition, hue and saturation, U/W exposure, and learning how to operate cameras will be taught just right.  

There are more than 3 reasons and courses out there that suits your requirement. There is no need of sniffing them out because they are very popular. Hence, following these courses will help you find the ultimate underwater happiness that you crave. 

How To Deal With The Busiest Week At Work?

Most people have one particular week at work when they are extremely busy. If yours is approaching, then here are a few tips to help you deal with it… 

How to eat well? 

If you are well aware that you will find it hard to cook for yourself during your busy week, either due to your hectic schedule, or simply because you know you will be too tired to cook for yourself; consider making a few make ahead freezer meals. Sure it might not taste as well as the food you make from scratch at the moment; but it might be healthier than eating out the whole week. If your office happens to be close to the best restaurants in town, then consider at least having dinner there. If you have the authority and your clients or coworkers oblige, you might even consider having your lunch time meetings at your favorite healthy food restaurant…! You can learn more here    

How to sleep well? 

While you might be able to make sure you eat well thanks to your favorite Italian restaurant Patong and their delivery service, sleep is something you need to put an effort to to get. Unfortunately, sleep is something most of us compromise and voluntarily give up; even though it is vital for dealing with stress and keeping your mind creative during your busiest week. Try to get to bed early and make use of the pre dawn times instead of the late night hours. Trust us, you’ll work better with this small change! Additionally, it’s also a great idea to grab a nap during lunch time. Time it so you only get 20 minutes of sleep…helping you wake up feeling refreshed and energized rather than groggy. 

How to dress well? 

Dressing well on the days of your busiest week is no miracle. All you need to do is prepare well. The week before, take the time out to select your clothing, and get it ironed. Make sure you select and prepare any accessory you might wear with that as well. Take a water proof bag and stock a few basic make up items; leaving it in an easy accessible place where you dress. This reduces the time you will send hunting for your makeup, giving you more time to dress up. Remember, you might have to meet a few important people during your busy week…don’t let them see that you are not in your best while under pressure…!  

How to maintain family bonds well 

Humans are social creatures in general; and family is beyond important. Unfortunately, during this particular week, you might find it hard to communicate with them. It’s always a better idea to let them know before hand about how busy you expect to be. This will stop them from having any expectations of you, and also prevent their feelings from getting hurt if you fail to answer calls or reply to their messages.

How To Have The Maximum Fun In Your Graduation Trip

Graduations does not always happen. They are once in a lifetime moment or twice if you do master and PHD after you complete your under graduate studies. But that is one proud moment not just for you but your parents too. We all have that habit of planning our graduation trip way earlier than the semester ends. To be honest even way earlier than we graduate. We must have at least managed to convince our parents to let us go for our graduation. Yes, that excited must students are. Because it is the best time you will be travelling with your buddies living your life, having fun to the maximum you can. 

Sit down  

When you say sit down. First sit down with your buddies and make the plan. You should begin with the ticket arrangements first. Because most of the time from accommodation to security to everything will be done but at the last moment the visa will not be approved and that’s a disaster. Therefore, make sure you get your visa on time and then purchase your tickets. If you want to do some cost cutting in that instead of going to an agency you can directly go to the embassy of the country, you are travelling and get the visa done. Because if you are going through an agency you might have to pay extra for the service charge and stuff and that is annoying. Once, that is sorted planning your accommodation should be the second plan. For that you can browse in the internet and check for the availability of hotels around that area.  Therefore, depending on your budget you can choose a place which is comfortable and affordable for you. Other than that, if you are interested in back pack hostels which are very famous for travelers in general you can check them out online as well. View more information here park hotel


There comes the most important section of all. Though the Lumpini park hotel you stay in might have delicious meals which is just too mouth-watering, if it is expensive you still will not be able to afford or even if you have the cash on it you will not feel like spending on it.  

Therefore, check if the place you stay has connections with the international student ID cards and if they give special discounts for the students in general. But that doesn’t man you should completely ignore the food at the place you stay. Who knows they might have something yummy for a cheaper price. 

Thus, sit down and plan your graduation trip properly before going out there and getting lost! 

Great Travel Destinations To Host A Wedding

With so many beautiful places around the world, and so little time to visit them, why not choose to have your nuptials abroad? If a conventional wedding isn’t for you or if you’re just someone who loves to travel and explore, consider hosting your nuptial in a breathtaking, scenic location which will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. 

Tropical islands 

Whenever people think of a great Maldives wedding destination, a tropical island would be the first thing to pop into mind. There is nothing more relaxing and exotic than sandy beaches, pristine blue waters and a colorful culture to get people interested in visiting an island. You could also include various aspects of the local culture in your marriage celebration such as dancers and performances such as fire-breathing. There are also some great places to stay in which will have enough room to host a large wedding party. A few unique places to have a wedding include thatched bungalows, underwater halls or buildings with a glass floor that shows the sparkling waters of the ocean underneath, or simply on the beach itself. Some of the most popular destinations for weddings include the Caribbean islands, Tahiti, Hawaii, Fiji and Indian Ocean islands. 

Historic locations 

Historic locations too are another popular destination for weddings. History and art lovers especially would choose destinations such as this. Some even opt to get their pictures taken in front of famous ruins such as the Parthenon in Greece or the many sites around Rome. If you love castles, you could even get a wedding photo taken in one! What’s more unique than that? You’ll also be able to capture some wonderful photos against the untouched, rural countryside of these locations. Besides there is also a certain romantic vibe about these places, where you can really feel as if you have travelled back to the past. You could even host your wedding at one of the many North Male Atoll hotels or a in a historic home. 

For the romantic soul 

For the more romantic of us, nothing beats a destination that oozes style, sophistication and of course, romance! So if you’re someone who’s always wanted to visit a country like France or Italy, why not go a step further and host your nuptial there? There is a reason why Paris is one of the top vacation destinations in the world and that’s because it has all the ingredients for romance. Some people even exchange vows on top of the Eiffel Tower! 

 So if you want to host your wedding in one of these amazing places, don’t hesitate!